Our sunrooms provide functional living space protected from rain, harmful UV rays, mosquitoes and bugs from early spring, through to late fall or all year around.

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By having a pergola installed, you can enhance the aesthetics of your backyard or garden, and create the perfect ambiance while enjoying protection from the sun.

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Patio Covers

You’ll have a cool, covered space where you can host parties or read your favorite book. With this extension of your home, you’ll be protected from harmful UV rays and sudden rainstorms.

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Awnings block the sun's heat before it enters your house, cooling your home better than blinds or drapes.

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Each of our windows is tailor-made in our facility to ensure a precision-engineered fit into your existing porch or deck.

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Porch Windows

OpenView is transforming outdoor living. As opposed to obstructive screens, SCENIX offers beautiful panoramic views.

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Patio Doors

These lightweight but reliable and efficient door products can be utilized in many applications. The narrow frame allows easy installation.

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Patio Deck

We offer a unique system for new deck applications, renovations, and resurfacing of existing decks.

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Leave lasting impressions with our Railings. Vinyl exterior with added metal stiffeners inside balusters provides great strength.

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Our vinyl columns and pillars are your true low maintenance solution that not even fiberglass can compare to.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our showroom is located at 333 Ontario St. Unit 1B, St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L3. Our hours do fluctuate seasonally.

Our roof system is engineered to meet snow load requirements as per building code.

  • 3″ Roof – R12
  • 4″ Roof – R16
  • 6″ Roof – R24
  • 5″ Floor Panel – R17
  • 5″ Floor Panel – R26
  • 5″ Floor Panel – R35

Sunroom & Pergolas can vary in prices because we custom design to your likings. There are a number of factors involved in determining the price. Factors such as size, model, roof size and style, wall height, base, and options. Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Rafters: White, Driftwood (beige), Bronze (dark brown), Sandstone.

Roof panels: available in White or Driftwood, Sandstone.

Eaves trough: available in White, Driftwood or Bronze, Sandstone.

All sunrooms and patio covers are custom sized. We are able to accommodate everything from a small entranceway to a carport to a full-sized sunroom.

It typically takes 1 week after obtaining a building permit. The time of year (volume) and weather will play a role.

That depends on the complexity and size of your sunroom. A standard room can be installed on a prepared base in as little as two days. If you require sono tubes, a base for the room to sit on or modifications to your house, it can take as long as two weeks to complete. An average installation takes approximately two days to a week.

According to the Electrical Standards Authority, as of January 2007, an individual performing any kind of electrical work at a residence must be a licensed electrician and have a contractor’s license or work for a licensed electrical contractor.

According to HGTV expert, Mike Holmes, with respect to additions of bedrooms, family rooms, sunrooms, conservatories, garages, etc. “Increasing square footage is almost always excellent use of remodeling dollars, but don’t expand your home so much that there’s little outdoor space left. Payback: 50 – 83%.”

In most cases a permit is required. We take care of the application process for you.

You may consider one of the following options:

  • Wooden decks
  • Insulated floor panels
  • Concrete bases

All require proper footings (perimeter foundation, concrete piers to meet building code requirements). If you have an existing base we will advise you on whether or not it meets code requirements and if not, what modifications will need to be made. If you are planning on building a new base yourself, we will advise you on the specifications.

Roof panels are available in three sizes – 3″, 4″ and 6″ thick, offering insulation values of R12 – R24.

Our Thermal sunroom has 3″ thick insulated wall panel (R12), double-glazed, Low E, argon filled windows and all wall extrusions have a commercial thermal break.

Insulated floor panels are available offering R17 – R 35 depending on thickness.

Yes. We recommend our WeatherMaster Vinyl 4-Track sunroom for most spa applications.

Yes. Skylights are available in standard size 2′ x 4′. They are flat glass, thermal, Low E, fixed units. They are available at the time of purchase or you may add them to your roof at a later date.

Yes. Our Thermal sunroom is designed to be more efficient for heating.