Patio Covers at Openview Sunrooms

What are Patio Covers?

Patio covers are a backyard shade structure that is attached to your home. Typically two posts or columns support the outer portion of a patio cover. The roof of a patio cover may be open or solid depending on what level of protection you require. A patio cover works as an extension of your home and is likely positioned over the patio doors that open onto your backyard. The roof structure is typically a solid panel of aluminum fiberglass or PVC with posts supporting away from the wall of your house.

Why Invest in a Patio Cover?

Patio covers help reduce your energy bills, saving you money and protecting your outdoor furniture. Sunlight carries UV rays that are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your patio furniture. With a covered patio, the weather doesn’t have to drive you indoors. When uncovered, the patio use is often limited by rain or hot sun. A patio cover allows you to take control of your patio space and enjoy all conditions at your leisure.

Styles That We Offer

Protects from wind, rain, sun and other elements. Yes! You can add a light or fan to your structures. This can easily be converted to sunroom, should you choose to do so at a later date.

An opaque or clear cover will provide shelter for your car or  keep the path to your door free of snow, while letting light into your kitchen window.

Patio Cover’s are excellent protection from rain, snow and UV rays while still allowing filtered light in.