Only we offer the single hung window solariums with a retractable screen, a glass roof with an overhang, a hybrid structure concept, a modular system, shades that open from both sides, a universal door, decorative arches, with roof ventilation and a customer reward program.


An easy to install modular concept. The elastomer wall modules and glass roofs are factory preassembled. A simple “click” unites the modules. The installation of the solarium is thus simplified and can be expanded or relocated without difficulty. Additionally, the lightness of the product allows for installation on most balconies or terraces, even if they move.


Unique and exclusive, OPTI-BLOC pleated shades cut out 98% of sunrays assuring you the best comfort in heatwaves. It is a multi-layered UV resistant material that reflects heat. The shades open from both ends and are equipped with a built-in braking system that allows positioning at the desired location while avoiding darkening the interior of the house.


The retractable screen provides 30% more light for clear and clean vision. The screen mesh disappears completely which keeps the mesh and elastomer clean; also, no winter storage is required. This feature is exclusive to OpenView.


A unique style of roof that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. The overhang offers major advantages for the cleanliness of the wall modules. The windows can be opened even when it rains because of the roof’s overhang.